Monday, April 3, 2017

8IGHT 4.0 setup changes

Hello everyone,

If you like and follow our Team Losi Racing FaceBook page, our Team Manager Kevin Gahan, gave everyone a little insight on what the team has found to work the best over the last couple of major events.  I, along with other team drivers, have made these modifications/set-up changes to our nitro 8IGHT 4.0’s and 8IGHT-E 4.0’s. Here is a full run down here on the Team Blog of what’s needed and what to expect.  Below are a list of parts and a picture showing how the HRC “D” plate is installed. 

1.       HRC “D” plate (TLR244036) requires some dremeling to lay flat on the chassis after flipping it over.  A LRC “C” plate with 1 down inserts (this “C” plate is the one the car comes with).
2.       A 40-gram front weight (TLR341001) with Black front springs (TLR243017).
3.       Front spindles in their higher location with front kick-up inserts 0 and 0.
4.       Standard width rear hexes (LOSA3530).

After having a couple of hours with the changes, I felt like I could drive the car harder and every little bump or imperfection in the track wouldn’t upset the car at the higher speed I was trying to go. There will be more testing taking place this weekend at Psycho Nitro Blast, so stay tuned for more updates.


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