Tuesday, March 21, 2017

1/8th Droop

Hello everyone,

The other day, I asked the #8realm on Facebook what they would like to see here on the Team Losi Racing blog. A good amount wanted to see how to measure droop and what droop does to our TLR 1/8th scale rides. For the measuring, see picture below.  You want to be as close to center on the shock screws and on the shock standoff, so as close as you can get.  As for what droop does, here is my take. More front droop increases off-power steering, it can increase rear grip, and gives the front less on-power grip. Less front droop gives more on-power steering and quicker steering reaction. More rear droop provides more grip in loose conditions and increases off-power/braking steering. Less rear droop takes rear grip away and is more stable on high grip. I would recommend making changes in your testing by .5mm increments and with the car on a car stand with tires on the car.

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