Wednesday, February 8, 2017

1/8 Electric Clutch - TLR342003

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Today we go back to the 1/8th scale side of TLR and our E-buggy and E-truggy programs and we talk about TLR’s Electric Clutch System (TLR342003) for both TLR 8E buggies and 8T truggies. There are a lot of misconceptions about an E clutch because a majority think it works like a nitro clutch when it actually works more like a 1/10th scale slipper. The slip that the E clutch provides allows improved throttle modulation on bumpy tracks, as it will slip under a heavy or abrupt load allowing the vehicle to remain stable. In addition, a misconception is braking, as the preloaded clutch shoes are always engaged and in contact with the clutch bell, which makes braking instant without the need for mechanical braking.

Starting E-clutch setups;

Buggy: Two composite shoes with Green springs/Two Aluminum shoes with Gold springs

Truggy: Four Aluminum shoes with four Gold springs


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