Tuesday, January 10, 2017

TLR 22SCT 3.0 Tuning

Hello everyone,

I attended last weekend’s Winter Midwest Championship in Jefferson, Ohio and I worked with Dakotah Phend on his newly acquired TLR 22 SCT 3.0. In practice Dakotah felt the truck was a little too aggressive in some of the areas of the Ohio factory track. First, Dakotah linked in his rear camber link from location D to E on the rear hub. This helped the rear of the truck a lot, but as the track gained grip, this also brought up the steering grip as well. Dakotah and I talked over the options we had. One option was to add a front sway bar; unfortunately, we didn’t have one on hand and so we needed to look into our other options. I looked at the trail and spindle height as Dakotah was in very aggressive locations. We moved from 4mm’s of trail to 2mm’s and we raised the front spindle height 2mm’s from its previous location. This gave him the steering feel he needed and he was the truck to beat all weekend long.  Dakotah took his 22 SCT 3.0 to the top spot in qualifying and to the top spot on the podium. 

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