Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tech Tip – TLR 22-4 (One-Way Clicker Assembly)

Before assembling your new one-way clicker assembly, or if you are experiencing some binding in the assembly, here is a simple modification.

Step 1: Take a Scotch Brite pad and remove the black anodizing from the slipper shaft (TLR232022) on the clicker side, see figure 1. Once completed, the shaft should be a metallic color and have a smooth finish, see Figure 2.

Step 2: Using TLR black Grease, place a small amount on the clicker gear, and gently spread between all teeth, see Figure 3.  Note: only a very small amount is needed, as you just want a small film-like coating layer to prevent the clicker from binding under load. 
Step 3: Apply a small drop of oil (bearing oil works well) on the slipper shaft and work-in using your fingers, see Figure 4. 
Step 4: Assemble the clicker assembly, see Figure 5, and if needed remove any excess grease between the clicker teeth.
Step 5: Complete and seal your vehicle and enjoy your TLR 22-4!
A special thanks to Team Losi Racing Driver Jose Zayas for providing this excellent tech tip article and photos for the Team Losi Racing 22-4.