Sunday, January 12, 2014

22 2.0 MM - Things to Try

Hello Racers,

I spent the last couple of days running my 22 2.0 in MM, continuing to get familiar with it and tune on the setup for my driving style.  I found a few things that I wanted to pass along.

1.  0 Degree Caster Block - This is one of the changes I've liked the most recently.  I just gained a good amount of steering on entry and exit, but without loosing any rear grip.  Seemed to help especially in lower speed turns.  The 0 deg caster blocks come with the stock 5 deg caster blocks in TLR234006.

2.  2.5 Degree Anti-Squat - I tried this and found an increase in turn-in, and in forward drive on exit.  It also improved how the car landed a bit.  Felt pretty good all around for me.

3.  1-C Rear Camber Link - I have been running 1-A on my MM, and looking for a flatter car with more corner speed, I tried 1-D to try and keep the rear flatter.  I quickly found it kept the rear end so flat, that the car didn't rotate in the turn as I'd like, and my lap times suffered a bit.  Knowing that, I went the other way, to 1-C (shortest link, still with 0mm inside and 3mm outside) and it was a big improvement for me.  The car rolled more and helped rotation, but also gained camber enough it didn't lose rear end grip.  I also felt like I had more forward drive when not straight, so on-power side bite.

4.  Tuning with weight - I have been running the Rocket R/C brass rear side pod weights.  I removed them and the car felt like it cornered quicker, maybe a little more aggressively, but without a balance change.  The next pack I went the other way, adding the Rocket R/C brass rear side pod weights and the TLR side pods weights (TLR331007) with are an addition 18g each.  I found the car to be a little smoother and easier to drive especially when the car was over driven.  I did find it to be a little lazy feeling for my taste at OC/RC Raceway which is pretty high grip indoor clay.  For looser, lower grip or higher speed tracks, it might work pretty good for you.  Keep in mind, that I am running a shorty pack with this weight.  Also, be sure to reset your ride height especially when tuning with weight.

Hope these tips help, or at least give you guys some good ideas of things to try!

Race On!
Frank Root