Sunday, December 2, 2012

Team Losi Racing Update for the Final Day of Free Practice

Team Losi Racing Update for the Final Day of Free Practice
The end has come to a great day of practice here in Argentina at the 1/8th IFMAR World Championships.  We could not have asked for better weather today as the sun has come out and has glistened our skin and tanning us quite well.  The weather is still uncertain for the rest of the week and we are looking forward to more days like today.  The track was by far the best it’s been with very little dust flying around, which was nice. 

It was a pretty tricky day today on what to do with setup on the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT's.  We felt like we wanted to make a couple of small changes but we also don’t want to get lost.  The track was still developing throughout the day and changing a lot.  It was hard to say if we should wait and see what the track does for tomorrow and start making some changes today.  Some of the guys like Darren Bloomfield make a few changes to make his car a little less grabby in the front and add some rear grip.  Most of the others have decided to hold off until tomorrows two timed practice runs to see what the track does.  This is also a big chance as it eliminates a lot of time to make changes.

Tomorrow we will run two timed practice runs that will be a total of 10 minutes each with only the last 5 minutes of each qualifier counting towards the seeding. We will then have the opening ceremonies shortly after the two rounds, then they will run one final round that will be 3 minutes in length in the new qualifying heat.  This round is mainly to make sure everything is set in the computer correctly so qualifying goes smooth.

Overall the day was very quiet for our team and we are looking forward to the timed practices tomorrow.  

I have been trying to post some photos and videos with no luck at all.  The wifi is very bad today for some reason.  I will try again in the morning to get something post for everyone to see.  I have a video trying to upload for the last 4 hours.