Thursday, October 4, 2012

TLR Pre Cut Chassis Tapes and Aluminum Pinions!

Hey Guys,

We have a few newproducts hitting the market this week that we are pretty excited about. 

For the TLR 22 line-up of vehicles, we are introducing TLR 22 Chassis Protective Tape, Precut (2).  There are 3 different versions, for the 22, 22T, and 22SCT respectively and all include the TLR and vehicle logos on the precut chassis tape.  During testing, these tapes have been very durable, lastaingas long, if not longer, than thicker sheets.  Once they require replacing, they peel off leaving very little, if any, of the adhesive residue on the chassis for a quick, easy clean-up.  Best of all, each pack of chassis tapes, include two sheets for the vehicle giving you twice the protection over time.  The chassis tapes will be availble next week.  See the images, part numbers, descriptions and links for each below.
TLR331000 - TLR 22 Chassis Protective Tape, Precut: 2   -   $9.99

TLR331001 - TLR 22T Chassis Protective Tape, Precut: 2   -   $9.99

TLR331002 - TLR 22SCT Chassis Protective Tape, Precut: 2   -   $9.99

We have also release the all new TLR Aluminum Pinion Gears.  All gears are 48P, Hard Anodized, Etched Aluminum for light weight, but very strong performance.  The pinions range from 16T to 38T for mod, stock, and all gearing inbetween.  Here is a link to all the pinions, and I'll highlight a couple below:
TLR332016 - Pinion Gear 16T, 48P, AL   -   $5.99

TLR332021 - Pinion Gear 21T, 48P, AL   -   $5.99
TLR332038 - Pinion Gear 38T, 48P, AL   -   $6.99

Hope you guys are enjoying the cool new parts for your TLR Vehicles, I know I am!

Race On!