Thursday, September 20, 2012

TLR Foam Pit Mat and Complete 22 Ball Diff

Hey Guys,

We have a couple of new and really cool products announced today for TLR.

The first, is a TLR Foam Pit Mat.  This is a Yoga style mat with has become very popular with racers, and members of our race team.  Made from durable PVC material, the ability to roll up neatly for easy storage is great.  We have also added the TLR logos to the mat along the top and bottom for the entire length of the mat.  This allows the mat to be flipper either direction, and it can trimmed on either end, or the top/bottom and the TLR logos will still be present.  The mat is 24" x 68", a great size that should cover just about any pit area.  The mat is also 4mm thick, nice and durable.

Check it out here on

TLR99014 - $18.99

The second item is something racers have been asking for.  Ask and you shall we receive:  we introduce the Complete Ball Diff, Tungsten Balls: 22/T/SCT.  This is a complete diff including outdrives, 5x8 bearings, updated diff outdrives with a 2nd operation for improved ring flatness, and now with Tungsten Carbide diff and thrust balls.  This allows you to build a completely new diff, and replace the diff already in your car for quicker maintenance at the track, or to replace the gear diff included in the 22 and 22T RTR's for upgraded handling performance.

Check it out here on
TLR232000 - $59.99

We hope you enjoy, and RACE ON!