Sunday, September 16, 2012

Short Course Showdown-Qualifying Report

Short Course Showdown-Qualifying
Las Vegas, NV

Today was the start of the Vegas Short Course Showdown at 702 RC Raceway.  We ran three rounds of qualifying today with the fourth and final round running tomorrow morning.  The track was exactly the same as yesterday and seems to stay really consistent throughout the day today.  I do have to say the track is pretty difficult in the Pro 2 class do the low grip and everyone being so close in speed, one mistake and you are out of it.  The 4wd class is a lot of fun since they develop so much more grip on this loose track and it really made for some good close racing.  I will say that the heads up racing in qualifying is awesome!!  They should do this at all races and even in some of the other classes.  It makes it more fun for the racers and for the spectators, with most of the races came down to the last lap. 

The team did a fantastic job today in all the classes!  TLR driver Billy Fischer was wheeling today in both 2wd and 4wd but really stood out in the 4wd class taking the TQ in all three rounds of qualifying today.  His consistent runs in Pro 2 with his TLR 22 SCT truck will put him 4th after the three rounds.  With it being rocket round format he can still take the TQ.  I was very impressed with Mikey Bustamante and Jason Ayers putting their Losi Ten-SCTE in the Pro4 main and their TLR22 SCT trucks in the Pro2 main so far after three rounds.  TLR driver Rocco Epler was the loan granger in the Losi Short Course Buggy class with some stiff competition in the class Rocco was able to set the time to beat going into the final round tomorrow.  Rocco also has to solid run in the stock SC class setting second going into tomorrow.  I will be looking forward to the final round tomorrow myself as I need to get my butt going and get a good run in 2wd. 

Here are the TLR driver’s results after three rounds:

Losi SCB Class
1    1.   Rocco Epler
2    2.  Richard Narciso
3    3. Chris Margolis
      4.  Paul Mclain
5    5. Rastamon
6    6. Richard Ealy
7    7. Glenn Shimamura
8    8. Gabe Kaser    

Stock Short Course
2. Rocco Epler

Mod 2wd Short Course
4. Billy Fischer
6. Mikey Bustamante
8. Jason Ayers

4x4 Short Course
1   1. Billy Fischer
2   2. Mikey Bustamante
6   6. Jason Ayers
7   7. Kevin Gahan