Friday, April 20, 2012

Practice Day in Germany for Round 3 of the EOS Series

Today was practice at round 3 of the EOS Series in Germany. The drivers would each get five runs with each of the cars which was great for the U.S. drivers to make some changes to better there times. The TLR Euro team seemed to have to cars working very well for them selves. There was very little changes made to the TLR22 buggy. Darren Bloomfield was able to get the track layout down pretty fast and seemed to be very consistent with both his TLR22 and XXX4 buggy's putting himself in both A-qualifiers. Dustin Evans, Mike Truhe and Osker Levin were all running very strong in 2wd buggy making very little changes to there cars from round 2 of the EOS series. Overall today was a very successful day for a the TLR drivers putting in good times with all the cars and feeling good going into qualifying tomorrow. Qualifying tomorrow will be four round with each car, taking your best two rounds. With the success of today tomorrows qualifying should be good for the team. Look for updates tomorrow on qualifying!!

Practice results: (Best 3 consecutive laps)

2wd Buggy 2-Dustin Evans 3-Darren Bloomfield 5-Mike Truhe 9-Oskear Levin
4wd Buggy 4-Darren Bloomfield 8-Mike Truhe
4wd Short Course 3-Prumper Bjorn 4-Mike Truhe 5-Dustin Evans