Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 4 TLR Report at the Cactus (Qualifying)

Today was the first of two days of qualifying. Each day you will run two qualifiers and the mains will be set by using qual points. It was a great day for some TLR drivers and for others they will be looking forward to a new day tomorrow. This track is not like the normal Cactus that most are used to. With all the rain Scottsdale got just before the race, it has made the track surface polished instead of the normal sandpaper grip. You really have to dive this track like an indoor style track and be very smooth on the throttle but let me tell you that is not the easiest thing to do. It is the Cactus Classic you just want to punch it everywhere but this track will bite you.

Dakotah Phend and Mike Truhe had a great race in the 4wd SCT class with there Ten-SCTe truck. In round 1 Dakotah would take TQ from Mike on the last lap. In Round 2 Mike Truhe took a 2nd for the round beating out Dakotah Phend with a 3rd for the round. After the two rounds today Dakotah Phend is on top.

In the Mod 2wd Truck class Dustin Evans was super fast and only seems to be getting faster each time he gets on the track. With some mistakes in round 1 for Dustin and still taking a 3rd for the round he new he had the speed. Round 2 would go much better taking a 2nd for the round and only eight tenths off of the TQ. Dakotah Phend had a great run in round 1 with a 2nd. Round 2 was not as smooth with a couple of mistake putting him 6th for the round. Mike Truhe put his problems behind him from the first round and came out swinging putting in some great laps to take 4th for round 2. Matt Chamber stayed consistent all day putting in two great runs to sit 10th overall.

2wd mod buggy was the class to watch today. This is one of the fastest cars on the track. Dustin Evans started the weekend off a bit slow with this class finding his zone but each time he put his TLR22 buggy down on the track he was getting fast. In round 1 he had a couple of mistakes but said he new what he had to do for the next round. He was right, because he came out swinging taking the round 2 TQ of mod buggy and feeling that much better going into round 3 tomorrow. The big talk after round 1 was TLR driver Cody Turner after a strong run that would put him 4th for round 1.Dakotah Phend but in two strong runs in mod buggy to put himself 6th going into tomorrows last two round of qualifying. Mike Truhe will need himself two good runs tomorrow after having a couple of mistakes that set him back.

Well, that's the TLR report from day 1 of qualifying. I will post some photos from the day today tomorrow morning. Check out these videos in the mean time.

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