Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Shootout, Madera CA.

Over the weekend CVR in Madera CA. had their Annual Memorial Day Shootout! This track is known for it's sandy base and rough technical layouts. I ended up TQ in both buggy and truggy with my TLR 8ight 2.0's on Losi Green Blockheads on buggy and Losi Green Digits on truggy. It was a long day with three rounds of qualifying and mains that ran into the night. Just as the pro buggy A main started so did the rain! It started off with just a few sprinkles and then progressed into a lite steady rain, but the track with it's sandy base soaked it up. At the end I held on to the lead and cruised in for the victory with a little bit of a muddy car. Before the start of the truggy A main it started raining a little harder so I decided to pack up and save my truggy before I head to the Nats. All in all it was a very fun event and a good turn out and want to thank CVR and the track crew for putting on a great race!

Phillip Atondo

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