Monday, November 8, 2010

The Todd Report Day 2

The first day of practice is over. The team looked rather well today and were definitely getting faster each run. Drake, Truhe, Aigoin, and Bayer look fast. Phend and Castellano were also running very well. Our UK Champ Darren Bloomfield looked to be getting faster after each lap as this is his first time to the Pattaya track.The track is very challenging to do fast consistent laps. The triple double section in the center of the track will make or break your run. This track is going to show who is the best of the best this week. I have never seen a track that is so challenging with off camber turns, large jumps, a very high speed sweeper and different track surfaces that consist of oil sections, loose sections where oil was not applied and the concrete areas. At first looking at the track yesterday I was envious of my team mates who are racing but then after watching the skill this track takes I am glad to be helping in the pits :-)

We have two controlled practice runs tomorrow. CYA tomorrow.

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