Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Backyard crawling at Greg's

Lately I have been doing a little crawling with my new comp crawler. I have to say this is a fun, and relaxing way to enjoy rc. From the get go the comp crawler has been a blast for me to learn to crawl with. The dig option sure seems to get the truck in and out of some of the toughest obstacles.

My painter and long time racer Greg Carrol from Greg's Graf-x, has built a challenging crawling course in his back yard for some friendly competitions. The course includes a couple of man made canyons, a rope bridge, a vert drop to start you off and even an over-under to keep you on your toes. Greg has had to tighten up the gates and make the course a bit harder since getting his losi. I thought I would share some pics from one of the backyard comps. (notice the cool green paint job on my rig)

I would like to congradulate Richard and his team of die hard crawlers for putting in all of the hard work it takes to put out a great vehicle like this one. Great job guys! Keep up the good work.

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