Friday, June 26, 2009

Electric Nationals - Done For the Day

We are done for the day. The team did really well with Dustin Evans on top after two rounds of 4WD. Dakotah Phend was the talk of the pits after getting second for Round 2. I think everyone needs to watch out for Dakotah tomorrow, he just gets faster and faster every time he is on the track. Matt Chambers is looking really good for tomorrow, and Mike Truhe's first round today was good but he had some problems in 2WD truck and 2WD buggy. Billy Fischer is getting faster and faster each time he hits the track. People should be looking for him to be at the top of the field tomorrow. I have been trying to blog some video but having some problem with this. I think there are too many people on the web in the building. I will try to post some tonight, so look for an update in the morning.

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