Friday, June 26, 2009

Electric Nationals - Round One is Complete

We have made it through the first round! The track is really grooved-up at this point. 2WD is looking good after round one with Mike Truhe in 4th, Matt Chambers in 6th, Dustin Evans in 7th and Billy Fischer in 10th. They are going to make some small changes to their vehicles for round two.
In the truck class Dakotah Phend finished in 3rd, Mike Truhe in 4th, Dustin Evans in 6th, Matt Chambers in 8th and Billy Fischer in 14th. In 4wd Dustin Evans was really fast and finished in 2nd, Mike Truhe in 3rd, Billy Fischer in 12th, Matt Chambers in 15th and Dakotah Phend in 16th.
Round two is getting started right now. I plan to get some more video posted so look for more updates later today. Good Luck Team Losi!

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