Monday, April 13, 2009

Jake Wright's Crawler update

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Southern Tennessee and compete with some of the best drivers in the country in the East Coast Championships. It was my first time competing in the East, and I was excited to see what the new rig could do against an amazingly talented field of drivers.

The rig performed great out there, and the courses were some of the most technical I've ever driven! Halfway into course #1 I lost all forward drive and proceeded to wedge the rig into a nasty spot. Turns out, I had lost the bolt that holds in the adjustable motor plate. When I grabbed full throttle, the motor torqued itself away from the spur gear and left me hopelessly stuck I took my repair and fixed the issue, but had a lot of ground to make up in a short time.

After that, I finished the next 3 courses with no issues at all. I was really getting in the groove by the end of the day, and the rig was planted! I worked my way all the way through the insane bonus on course #2, only to just graze the cone on my way out. I went into the course knowing I needed a big negative score to make the shootout, and I just missed my chance. I still finished 15th overall for the day, with a total of 72 points, half of which I racked up on course #1

After a quick flight home, and a week of college classes and a somewhat normal routine, I was back in action at the 4th round of SDRCRC’s Winter Series at Lake Wohlford in sunny Escondido, CA. Except this time it wasn’t very sunny… The weather was cool and a light rain made the courses very slick, and very challenging. I pulled off a score of -21, landing me in 2nd place for the day. I ran the new 2.2 Comp Claws and they hooked up great on the slick, damp rock. I managed one of the best scores on course #2, even though I ran it in the worst and slickest conditions of the day. Overall, it was a great comp, and another strong outing for the 2.2 Losi.

I would say that 2009 is off to a great start! I‘m happy to have put in solid finishes with the rig on back to back weekends 2500 miles apart… and its been a blast to meet everyone along the way. I have to thank LOSI for making it possible for me to travel and compete like this. I definitely wouldn't have been there without their support. I hope I was able to answer everyone’s questions about the rig, and hopefully it impressed a few of you.

Stop in and say hi and check out the new rig in the Losi booth at the RCX show next weekend in Pomona, CA. Until then… I’ll be on the rocks


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