Friday, March 13, 2009

Practice is over at Cactus

Hi Everyone,
After three days of practice the team is looking really good going into qualifying tomorrow. The track is looking good and gaining more groves as the days pass. It is also starting to get some small holes, but nothing too bad. I will give everyone an update tonight on how day one of qualifying goes today.

We did have wind gusts that came through around 2:30 that took-out about half of the tents at the facility. Losi got lucky and had no problems, but I can't say that for the others. I do know that Hot Bodies got the worst of it with their tent ending up in the power lines. It was really crazy, there had been no wind at all and then, BAM, it just hit with 60 to 70 mph winds for about 30 seconds. The Hot Bodies tent caused a power outage to half of the facility. I do have to thank Mike Truhe for single handedly saving the Losi tent while the others saved the Nitrotane tent. The tables also went flying all over with every one's things on them. (that was fun)
All in all it was a good day, everyone is still really happy and up-beat.

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