Monday, January 26, 2009

Testing and Practicing for Nitro Challenge

Hi everybody,

Over the last few weeks myself and Casey have been testing our 2.0 buggies and truggies at several different tracks to learn more about setups and tire choices in preparation for the upcoming Dirt Nitro Challenge in a few weeks at the Nitro Pit. A few weeks ago Mike and Adam joined us at the Pit to do some testing as well. When the weekend was over, we all had smiles on our faces mainly from the new 8ight-T 2.0. The truck is absolutely awesome, and I can't wait to hear what everybody else thinks about it once they get their hands on their own.

Also, we had great luck with the new Smart Diffs. They give you more steering and traction without sacrificing drivability. They will definitely be a must-have option for all of your 8ight based buggies and truggies!