Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starting off the new year!

Hi race fans! I just wanted to report in about some electric racing I did over the weekend at Lakeport Hobbies raceway in Lakeport CA. I'm getting a little practice in for the up coming Golden State Challenge in a couple weeks at Lakeport. I ran 2wd buggy and ended up TQ and winning the triple A main! For the event I will be running 2wd buggy, 2wd truck and 4wd. It's been a while since I ran electric cars and it was a blast! I was very surprised on how many racers showed up despite the very cold weather witch was in the high 20's and the track had a thin layer of ice on it in the morning, now that's cold! I just started running the Spektrum DX3R radio and I must say that it's a very good radio, easy to use feels great and helps with one big problem I have always had with my hand going numb just after that 25 to 30min mark in gas racing. The Spektrum DX3R is so lite with only using 4 AA batteries (that last a long time) and slim design is a radio that any R/C enthusiast should be looking at. It took me minimal time to get use to the DX3R and that was one of my biggest concerns switching to a new radio. I hope to see lots of you soon at the up coming Airtronics race at Revelations.