Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What a Great Year for Team Losi

Hello TL fans. As the this year winds down to the last handful of hours I can't help but be proud of all of the accomplishments that were achieved but such a talented team!

I would first like to give a huge thanks to the engineers and product managers. They contine to push the envelope with cutting edge designs and always strive to be the leader in rc vehicle development. Great job guys!

A recap of the titles that belong to Losi for 2008 make a huge statement to the Offroad community. Team Losi drivers were able to grab many championships throughout the World and the US. Big thanks go out to all Team Losi drivers who do battle on a weekly basis to showcase their talent and put the Losi products to the test. Week in and week out, the titles just keep adding up. For 08 the trophy room was expanded to make room for:

Roar Buggy National Champion and runner up
JBRL Buggy Champion
Ifmar World Championships Top Qualifer
AZ Winter Nitro Championship Series Buggy Champion
EMMA Indoor Buggy Masters Champion
Puerto Rico Winter Nitrocross Truggy Champion
Kyosho Fall Classic Buggy Champion
Italian Buggy National Champion
Multi class champions Hutchinson
Novarossi GP Buggy Champion
1,2,3 AZ Nitro Summer Series
Glorcs Buggy and Truggy Champion
1,2 Southern CA Saturday Series Buggy
multi class champion Tumbleweed Classic
Colorado Nitro State Buggy and Truggy Champion
Roar Electric Super Stock multi class National Champion
Manufactures Cup Buggy Champion
South African Buggy and Truggy National Champion
Nitromadnass Buggy Champion
Roar region 10 Buggy and Truggy Champion
Ironman 120 pro/am Buggy and Truggy Champion
Monster Truck World Finals Champion
Nitrocross AZ State Champion Buggy and Truggy
Roar National Monster Truck Champion
Readers Choice Nitro Buggy Winner
1,2 Buggy Champion NeoBuggy race
Silverstate Buggy Champion
Top Qualifer Truggy and Buggy Dirt Nitrochallenge

Also a huge congrats to team driver Adam Drake for winning driver of the year again, (and getting engaged) Philip Atondo for opening a race track, Billy Fischer for stepping up his game and being a consistent A main finisher, and Todd Hodge for following through on what has become the best 1/8 scale buggy to date

2008 also saw some great additions to the Losi team. Dyno Dan for the fresh new ideas, Kevin Gahan for stepping up and leading the team toward great things, Kyle Hunter for lots of behind the scene leg work.

I'm sure I left some key people out but thanks to everyone for their hard work in making 08 a successful year.

Have a Safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!