Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sidewinder @ Thunder Alley....

Hello everyone! After a couple weeks being back from the Sidewinder race I have had plenty of time to reflect on the trip. I had a blast! I arrived Thursday morning at Ontario just minutes from Losi/Horizon. The plan was to hit Revalations that night and Thunder Alley Fri-Sun. I got the chance to meet everyone at Losi and do some awesome racing with some of the best talent in the U.S.

After arriving to Thunder Alley it was clear that the crew put a lot of effort into the track layout and facility. It was a very tough, technical track with huge elevation changes. I was excited! In the end I bumped up through some lower mains and found myself with 12 fast guys all wanting a spot in the Amain. The new Losi 8 2.0 was great and handled the rough track easily. I worked into the lead and fought it out for a few laps only to fall a bit short in the end. Congrats to Matt Castellano for going to the Amain and the strong run by the rest of the Losi team mates!

After the trip I cam home with a little motivation and have been hitting my local tracks during the week for testing. After seeing the work ethic of everyone involved with Losi it just made sense and help push me. I'm glad I made the trip. Special Thanks to Adam and Ronda for having me out!

Next stop...Toys for Tots @ Thunder Alley!!