Thursday, November 13, 2008

Clear Lake Thunder Valley

Hi everyone! Last weekend I posted that I was heading up North for a Truggy race in Clear lake. When I arrived I saw a big house on a huge piece of property with big red barns and one had a dirt oval in it. The track was pretty small with lots of natural seeping off camber turns and berms in every corner so you could just punch it all the way around if you wanted to, the dirt was awesome! It held the moisture very well due to it being a little sandy. My Buggy and Truggy felt really good and just before the quals started here came the rain and a couple minutes later it was pouring and they had to cancel the race. I was hoping to win that $200 so my son could! I hope to head down south soon for some club racing.

P.S. I wanted to say great job to the team at the Sidewinder race. I wish I could have been there.