Friday, October 10, 2008

Xcelorin motor sets world record in R/C drag racing!

This morning, Losi welcomed three R/C drag racers from the Miniature Hot Rod Association to our office. Mike Smith (kneeling in picture) is holding Randy Spiering's world record-setting funny car. Using a Losi Xcelorin 6400Kv motor, Randy covered the scale 1/4 mile (132') in 1.54 seconds @84.1MPH to set the new record last weekend in Texas. Gary Kirkpatrick (left) is holding a fueler that runs in the 2 second (70MPH) bracket class and features an Xcelorin motor as well. Jim Schauer (right) is holding a top fuel dragster that runs on a 3S LiPo and covers the scale 1/4 mile in 1.41 seconds @96MPH. Losi electronics product manager Ron Schuur (center) provided some new "secret" developments for the guys to try at their next race. For more information on RC Drag Racing and a schedule of local events in California, visit