Monday, October 27, 2008

Reedy Truck Race

Hello all. Its been an exciting summer race season for myself and Losi. It is coming to a close for this "race season". this past weekend we competed in the Reedy Truck Race of Champions held at Hot Rod Hobbies. It is a very small tight track so you can say very unconventional for the truggies. In the Sportsman truggy class up and coming Losi driver Kyle Johnson put on a clinic top qualifying and than winning the main by a few laps ahead of second place. In the factory Truggy class we had a good showing with 3 out of the top 5 trucks in qualifying (Billy Fischer, myself and Dustin Evans) and one more addition with Clint Wachter bumping into the final after a very exciting B-main. The main was probably one of the most mentally demanding finals i have run in with the lap times being 15 seconds that meant we were gonna run 160 plus laps in the final. It seemed like you were in traffic for the entire 45 minutes. Billy Fischer had an awesome truck all weekend and in the final it looked like it was gonna prove itself as shortly after the first fuel stop he had passed cavalieri and started pulling away. traffic and some unfortunate bobbles let cavalieri by and held a charging Fischer off with Billy getting second. I ended up finishing 4th. In the Modified Truck class Dustin Evans, Matt Chambers and myself made the main but could never get to the front in the finals to contend for the win but in the end we were all really happy with our trucks and our Losi Xcelorin brushless systems. Everyones stuff ran flawless all weekend with no problems. It was a pretty good weekend all and all. We have a few more races this year with the Sidewinder race and the JBRL final next month which has been a very fun and exciting series with Adam Drake and myself battling for the series with Adam clinching the series by a point going into the final with 5 good points already :) Until next time happy racing.