Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday-Lower Mains

Lower semi-finals (20 races) were run today, all the way up through the 1/16 finals. The top 50 race tomorrow starting with the 1/8 semi's at 8:00AM. Martin Bayer (Losi/GRP) from the Czech Republic was the only Losi driver to advance of the eleven that competed today but several Losi drivers had good performances, with Alan Burton bumping up three times before finally finishing below fourth place in race 18. Casey Peck, Lars Johnson and Travis Dupree each did well in their respective races and bumped up once. The star of the entire day had to be Chad Bradley, whose Jammin' X2 seemed to bump up at least 4 or 5 times today. He is in the 1/8 finals tomorrow after a great job all day.

There are eight Losi cars in the top 50 that will run tomorrow. Clint Wachter, Martin Bayer and Matt Castellano will run in the 30 minute 1/8 final at 8:00AM tomorrow morning. Billy Fischer will run at 8:45 in the other 1/8 final. The top 4 in each 1/8 final advance to the 1/4 finals at 10:00AM and 10:45AM and will compete with Adam Drake and Phillip Attondo. The two 30 minute 1/2 finals are at 12:30 and 1:30 respectively, where Mike Truhe and Yannick Aigoin will compete for a spot in the one hour A final at 4:00PM.

Today we had a "meet and greet" where fans could meet Losi team drivers, take pictures, get an autograph or even questions about the new car! It was gratifying to see the appreciation on the faces of people young and old when they had the chance to meet and speak with Mike, Yannick, Adam, Billy, Phillip or other favorite Losi driver. There was a country music radio station that had a display next to us and there was a good crowd with a lot of energy. One picture shows people on roofs to obtain a good view of the racing, another shows Ignacio Madrid from Madrid Modelisomo, our Losi distributor in Spain and Portugal. A big thank you to Tonya Geese, the nice lady in the orange shirt that donated her time to coordinate, prepare and cook for the team, mechanics, and other guests at our Losi Nitrotane hospitality area.

I am very proud of all the Losi drivers, the entire event and look forward to tomorrow's races to crown a new World Champion.