Monday, September 22, 2008

2008 Worlds-the day after

As drivers and their teams pack up to return home this morning, I've had the chance to reflect on what was really a great week here at the 2008 Worlds. No, we didn't win but I still feel a sense of pride in the TQ and 2nd place finish earned by Mike Truhe and the overall results from our entire Losi team. So many people dedicated so much time in preparation for this event. The efforts of the drivers, mechanics and helpers are plainly visible for all to see, but what isn't as noticable (yet is arguably the MOST important) is the work of the engineers, designers, project managers, marketing professionals and everyone "behind the scenes" at Losi that together form the key components of the division. Racing is just a part of what we do, but this event encouraged me from the opportunity to meet so many fans of the Losi brand and watch them interact with our drivers, mechanics and staff. Now, it's time to reflect on what we were able to accomplish on the track, discuss and strategize ways to improve the areas where we need to get better, and get back to designing, producing and marketing the products that our customers want to buy.

Prior to saying goodbye I would like to again add my sincere thanks to the entire Losi team who attended the 2008 IFMAR 1/8 World Championships for being such a talented group of individuals that come together as one toward a common goal.

See you next time......